Communication Strategy.

Communication strategy is about putting the right message in the right place, in front of the right people. The people that want your message. At Liquorish Ink, we use a well-researched and innovative ideation process to create eloquent and effective communication strategies that achieve these objectives. The kind of strategies that build meaningful and impactful relationships between brands and their customers.

We start by undertaking an invested journey by which we identify the best strategy that will successfully take a brand to market, one that is deeply insightful and relevant, and will ensure the delivery of an effective message communication and channel optimisation.

What is marketing communication?

Marketing communication is the means by which a marketing communication agency will convey and drive a particular message from a brand to its market. We use a personalised mix of marketing communication services to deliver a clear and consistent message to target audiences across a variety of platforms about a brand’s relevance, offering, and any other pertinent objective that the brand wants to talk about.

Pivotal to any communication marketing is the strategy behind it. We take care to define a distinct and customised strategy to outline the where, when, what, and how a brand’s message will hit the right channels and yield the right kind of traffic. Most importantly, our approach also allows for channel optimisation so that we can consistently achieve the best results throughout the campaign.

How marketing communication works

The way marketing communication works is that a marketing communications company will use a defined strategy to project an image and convey a message to both potential and current customers of a brand’s presence, products, and services. It’s not dissimilar to the way you might choose to present yourself through dress, body language, language, etiquette, and mannerisms.

The key activities that we use include stakeholder analysis, communication landscape analysis, brand strategy and development, communications planning, key message ideation,  as well as strategic planning around PR, advertising, social, digital, direct marketing, and any internal communication.

Our approach to communication marketing

Discovery and understanding

We conduct in depth research to understand your brand, stakeholders, current messaging, and extensive customer analysis to gain insights into your target audience. Our belief is that any marketing communication strategy that doesn’t rely on sufficient research is bound to be flawed and ineffective.

The brand need

Do you want to create more brand awareness, promote your offering, distinguish your offering from competitors, or drive a richer experience to your existing customers? We combine customer insights and a keen understanding of your brand to develop a highly effective integrated strategy that will help inform a compelling campaign, reflected across all communication channels.

Strategy services

No two brand objectives are the same, just like no two brands are the same. That’s why we utilise a unique combination of channels and activities to reach your customers in exactly the places that they are looking. This mix could include social media advertising, online advertising, offline (traditional) advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, events, sponsorships, content marketing, and an annual sales promotion. And everything that we do is supported by compelling creative and intelligent design.

Accountable execution

Part of creating a marketing communication strategy is to build in the ability track, measure, and iterate any of the elements of the approach. We use the latest tracking tools to measure the campaign’s success against relevant success metrics for all communication channels and modify our approach as necessary.

What are marketing communication objectives?

Marketing communication objectives vary, but generally brands will focus their marketing communication on four common objectives. These include creating brand awareness, distinguishing themselves from competitors, relaying messages about their products and services, and building more rewarding relationships with their customers.

Our marketing and communications strength lies in working collaboratively within the agency and our clients to develop strategic communications and marketing, planning and implementation, and fully integrated communication campaigns that result in more agile, dynamic, and future-ready brands.