Privacy And Security As A Consumer Trend In 2017

Privacy and security takes centre stage as a consumer trend in 2017. In an increasingly volatile world consumers are anxious to stay safe and well. This trend’s focus is on personal safety and the safety of consumers’ loved ones, according to Euromonitor International. “Personal safety Goods and services — from smart home tech to insurance,…
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Faster Shopping as A Consumer Trend in 2017

The age of the digital world is upon us and growing more and more each day. This has created a class of consumers that are impatient. These consumers have been schooled into becoming the so-called “IWWIWWIWI” — “I want what I want when I want it” consumers. These digital consumers are impulsive and in the…
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The Future of Retailers

What does the future hold for the retail industry? Without the input of a believable Seer who has the ability of precognition, we are not entirely certain what the future holds for shoppers. What we do know is that it was not very long ago that people were shopping in small markets which turned into…
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Selfies, the new way to die

Welcome to the new world of self promotion. By Leigh-Anne Acquisto, Owner Liquorish Ink We live in an age where personal brands are as, if not more, important than where people work or what brands they surround themselves with. In fact, the role of self promotion and self branding has become a rather dangerous pastime…
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Doing Good is not Good Enough

How NGOs in South Africa can present themselves better to investors By Leigh-Anne Acquisto, Founder Liquorish Ink South Africa has a vibrant civil society landscape that is distinguished by passionate people, innovative projects and widespread collaboration. According to the Department of Social Development, there are over 126 000 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) registered in South Africa,…
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